The Central Circuit:
places to visit around the capital

Leaving from the capital, Asunción, whoever would like to take an interesting tour, can take a drive that starts by taking Route I and driving to the city of Itá. Here, the most beautiful handicrafts in the country are made.

From here, the drive can continue through the city of Yaguarón, where you can visit its temple (see image below), one of the greatest architectural relics of the Franciscan Missions. The visitor can then drive to the East, where he will find the city of Piribebuy, that houses an important remembrance of the War of the Triple Alliance, and also where he can admire unique woven handicrafts. In its outskirts, one can find a plethora of beautiful places to rest, with hotels and comfortable rest stops, located in the constantly changing mountainside and numerous streams.

The traveler can turn now onto Route II, to visit the city of Caacupé, considered the "Religious Capital" of Paraguay, where they revere the black Virgin of Conception each 8th day of December. After visting the temple, the tour continues through the cities located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Ypacaraí the city of Ypacaraí , San Bernadino and Areguá, where nature attractions harmonize with the variety of handicrafts.

The journey can end with a visit to two additional cities, returning once again toward the capital: Itauguá, where artisans weave the beautiful Ñandutí lace, which resembles spider webs; and Luque, center of silver handiwork that is expressed in a variety if typical jewelry, mate pots and various other objects adorned with this metal.

This tour can be made comfortably, enjoying hours in each place, in two days, as all of the places mentioned are located within 60 miles of the capital.

For more information on where to go and what to visit in Paraguay check the web page of the SENATUR