Paraguay’s main international airport, the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport (ASU), is located in Asunción. Paraguay does not have a national carrier, but international flight carriers to Asunción include American Airlines from Miami, TAM Airlines from Buenos Aires and Santiago, Aerolíneas Argentinas from Buenos Aires, Copa Airlines from Panama City, and more. If you’re travelling from Brazil, there are daily flights from São Paulo to Ciudad del Este.

Bus service is available and has become a very popular mode of transportation for an array of South American cities. Some buses transfer travellers from Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia into Paraguay. From Argentina, head to Buenos Aires, where a couple of long-distance buses depart. In Brazil, some buses depart from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Curitiba regularly, that also arrive in Asunción. From Bolivia, you can catch a bus running from La Paz or Santa Cruz, and arrive in Chaco.

Although Paraguay is a landlocked country, some waterways allow visitors to enter the country by boat. The main waterways come from the Paraguay and Paraná Rivers. Some ferries travel from Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil to Paraguay through these waterways. Boats that travel up the Paraguay River also make many stops at ports to the north of the border of Brazil.

The Alejo Garcia Airport in Ciudad Del Este is the second largest airport in Paraguay, with two major airlines running several domestic and international flights each week.

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