Paraguayan wildlife is a unique and fascinating mix of tropical and temperate species, a mix made all the more interesting by the contrasting faunas of the dry, arid Chaco and the lush, humid Orient.

Due to Paraguay’s gently changing landscape, weather, and environment, the country is home to a huge number of animals including both mountains dwellers as well as those that love the lowlands and the water. The only thing truly preventing a greater variety of wildlife is the lack of ocean access.


The most famous native animal in Paraguay is the armadillo, a small mammal that is found throughout the country. Although the armadillo is the symbol of Paraguay’s wildlife, the mammalian life only begins there. The country is home to large mammals, such as cougars (puma), beers, jaguars, sloths, tapir, vicunas (a camel species), deer, boars, and wolves. There is no shortage of small mammals either as monkeys, porcupines, opossums, rabbits, bats, the chinchilla (a rodent), mice, rats, and foxes can be found as well.


Due to the diverse landscape, the birdlife is much more impressive. There are a few tropical birds that make their way to the country, but most species are woodland birds. Eagles, hummingbirds, owls, condors, egrets, partridges, parakeets, geese, finches, wrens, toucans, macaws, parrots, and even the Andean flamingo call the country home or pass through with the seasons.